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Wi-Fi CLM Regulatory Policy for Module Vendor Customers - KBA229113


Wi-Fi CLM Regulatory Policy for Module Vendor Customers - KBA229113

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Translation - Japanese: モジュールベンダーの顧客向けWi-Fi CLM規制方針- KBA229113 - Community Translated (JA)

If we are using a Wi-Fi module procured from a module vendor and if we want to ship our product containing the module to multiple countries, how to obtain a per-product CLM blob?

See the Cypress Wi-Fi CLM regulatory process in

If you are using pre-certified reference design as well as antenna from a module vendor, you can obtain a reference per-product CLM blob from the module vendor. If you require changes of any form in the CLM blob, contact your module vendor for the specific changes.

If you are using a non-certified design or antenna design which is not tested by the module vendor, you cannot use the reference per-product CLM blob. You are requested to undergo the CLM regulatory process as explained in the application note AN225347 in the link above to obtain a new per-product CLM blob specific to your design. Kindly contact your module vendor for support.

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