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Warning: Machine Instructions Inside .LITERAL/.ENDLITERAL Labels - KBA83511

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Warning: Machine Instructions Inside .LITERAL/.ENDLITERAL Labels - KBA83511

Version: *A

Translation - Japanese: 警告:.LITERAL / .ENDLITERALラベル内の機械命令 - KBA83511 - Community Translated (JA)


What does the warning, “Probable ERROR! Machine instructions inside .LITERAL/.ENDLITERAL will cause problems with Code Compression optimization”, mean when building a PSoC Designer project?


This is the warning added in Imagecraft compiler V7.05 onwards. The .Literal and .EndLiteral directives are used to instruct the compiler that the content placed within these directives should not be compressed. In general, these directives are used if any custom data table needs to be placed in flash, which should not be altered by code compression. If any machine instruction code is placed within these directives, it will not be compressed and the user will be notified with the warning mentioned above. This warning can be safely ignored if the user prefers the code within these directives not to be compressed.

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