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Using the CY4601 reference design at 115K baud.

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Using the CY4601 reference design at 115K baud.

Question: Does the CY4601 reference design support a baud rate of 115.2K baud?



The CY4601 reference design is a single code base that supports both the CY7C63743 and the CY7C64013 parts. The firmware for these parts will only support upto 57.6K baud. This is a limitation of the firmware and not the Virtual COM port driver. The Virtual COM port driver itself supports 115.2K baud.

Included in the reference design is some untested sample code for our EZ-USB AN2131 part. It is possible to support 115.2K baud using this part with an external crystal. This design will require further development and testing on the customers part. It is only supplied as sample code which has not been fully tested or finished. It is not officially part of the reference.

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