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Using CY7C63743 to design gamepad with 4 VR

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Using CY7C63743 to design gamepad with 4 VR

Question: I want to use CY7C63743 to implement a gamepad with 4 VRs. But the reference designs on this web site only support at most 3 VRs. I find that on CY7C63743 datasheet page No 19 state: "Note that reading the GPIO port returns a byte based on the actual voltage of each pin, and does not affect the port's Data or Mode Registers". How can I read a specific GPIO pin voltage value?



The CY7C63743 has one of the smaller pin count in this family of parts. The reference design on the web states this part is limited in the number of inputs that this "RC type" conversion can be implemented on. It states that you can do 3 inputs like this and 8 switch buttons. If you wanted to use 4 inputs you need to use one of the other parts in the family like CY7C66113 part.

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