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Use of the CEO/A2 in a Single Chip Configuration

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Use of the CEO/A2 in a Single Chip Configuration

Question: What do I do with the CEO/A2 pin if I only use one EEPROM?



The /CEO output of any CY3LV drives the /CE input of the next CY3LV in a cascaded chain of EEPROMs. This is an output that will stay HIGH until the entire EEPROM is read again. This same pin duals as the A2 input pin when used in conjuction with each individual PROM's /SER_EN signal. When /SER_EN is asserted low, A2 will be used to select which PROM to be programmed.

The /CEO, A2 should be left open when configuring the 39K when using only one EEPROM.

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