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Updating PSoC Creator Components


Updating PSoC Creator Components

Question: How can we update a component in PSoC Creator?



The ability to update old projects with new components is built into PSoC Creator. Components are versioned and, every now and then, we’ll make changes and increment the version number. This could be for new functionality or defect fixes. When you update your software, or get a new component library from a third party, these versions are automatically added to your component catalog. By default we only show the latest versions but you can change that setting from a button on the catalog banner.

We understand that sometimes you do not want the “latest and greatest” component. You have a perfectly functioning product that you need to support it without making major changes and so sticking with the previous component implementation is important.

However, if you do want to update the components in your existing designs all you need to do is invoke the component update tool from the Project menu (or from the rightmouse menu in the Workspace Explorer). This tool works on your active project to look for alternative versions of all components in the design. You can compare the available content and select the ones you need. The tool then replaces the chosen components with the preferred versions for you. A quick rebuild and you’re up and running with the new components.

One thing to remember though – make sure you update all your library projects and any others your project depends on for content.

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