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Unable to see Program button in tool bar in PSoC Designer

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Unable to see Program button in tool bar in PSoC Designer

Question: I am unable to see program button in the tool bar in PSoC Designer 5.1 SP2



'Program' button or any other option in tool window may disappear from PSoC Designer because of a corrupt XML file related to PSoC Designer. The XML files under "%AppData%\Application Data\Cypress_Semiconductor\PSoC_Designer_51\" store the PD5.1 tool window settings. Removing the files restores the tool window to default settings. Follow the below given steps to restore default settings for PSoC Designer 5.1 SP2:

1. Open My Computer. Make sure PSoC Designer 5.1 is not running.

 2. Type %AppData% in explorer address bar

3. Navigate to '..\Application Data\Cypress_Semiconductor\PSoC_Designer_51\'

4. Copy all *.xml files except settings.xml to a newly created temp folder.

5. Delete *.xml files except settings.xml from '..\Application Data\Cypress_Semiconductor\PSoC_Designer_51\'

5. Re-start PSoC 5.1 SP2 and verify if the 'Program' option is available. 

6. Delete the temp folder if you are able to see the disappeared button/icon.

If you are facing similar issue in any other version of Designer then follow the similar process as mentioned above but take care of the folder name (PSoC_Designer version) while browsing to the required folder. 

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