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Software Reset

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Software Reset

Question: Is it possible to make software reset?



Yes, software reset can be done in PSoC devices. It's a partial reset executed by software to bring part of the system back to a known state. A software reset will restore the M8C to a known state but not PSoC blocks, systems, peripherals, or registers. For a software reset, the CPU registers (CPU_A, CPU_F, CPU_PC, CPU_SP, and CPU_X) are set to 0x00. Therefore, code execution will begin at Flash address 0x0000. M8C_Reset macro performs a software reset function and more details on this function can be found in the SROM chapter in the Technical Reference Manual of the device.

In PSoC devices with more than 256 bytes of SRAM, no SRAM is modified by the SWBootReset function in SRAM pages numbered higher than ‘0’.
The Reset macro is a System Supervisory function and once the reset occurs, the ICE loses synchronization with the POD and therefore, the invalid memory reference error. Basically, you cannot emulate the software reset, however, you can use the chip and it will work properly.
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