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Signed Firmware Update for HX3PD – KBA228833


Signed Firmware Update for HX3PD – KBA228833

Author: RajathB_01           Version: **

What is the signed firmware update feature on the HX3PD part CYUSB4357-BZXC?

Signed Firmware Update is the process of updating an embedded controller in the field with a ‘Digitally Signed’ firmware. Placing a digital signature in the firmware ensures authenticity of the firmware from the manufacturer. The device cannot be updated with unauthentic or malicious firmware, thus providing  security, during firmware update, to the OEMs and end customers.

HX3PD has the option of signed firmware update feature, which is supported on the CYUSB4357-BZXC part. The composite firmware image will be digitally signed by a ‘Private’ key that will be private to the customer and OEM. Every firmware update will involve verifying the digital signature from the manufacturer using the corresponding public key before the controller is programmed with the associated firmware. This ensures that the firmware update happens only with the firmware from a trusted source, which is approved by the manufacturer.

If customers require signed firmware update feature, they need to use the CYUSB4357-BZXC part in their design. For further support on signed firmware update for this part or for additional requirements, create a thread in Cypress Developer Community.

Note: There are no other differences between the HX3PD parts CYUSB4347 and CYUSB4357 except for the signed firmware update feature.

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