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Running multiple devices with EZ-USB driver.

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Running multiple devices with EZ-USB driver.

Question: Can I run multiple devices with the EZ-USB driver?



Yes, if you are using the ezusb.sys driver supplied with our development kit, a new instance of the driver will be created up to 8 devices. The devices are labeled ezusb-0 through ezusb-7.

As a test, plug in both devices. Verify that all attached devices appear in Windows Device Manager without the yellow bang. Also, using the EZ-USB Control Panel, with all devices plugged in, select Window from the top menu bar and then Cascade. You should see and be able to communicate with all devices.

If you experience a problem and you are using your own host application, please see the source code we provide for our EZ-USB Control Panel to see how we handle this. The source code can be found in the following directory:


Please note that other than providing the source code for host applications, our support is limited to device side development. The ezusb.sys driver should be only used for development purpose.

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