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Qualification Report (QTP)

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Qualification Report (QTP)


How do I find a Qualification Report for a particular device?





Response: In most cases "Qualification report" will be available in the part number page. If it is not available, check for the following methods below.


1. Go to

2. Enter the part number whose "Qualification Report" is needed in the "Keyword" search.

3. All the related document to this part will be displayed.

4. In the "Resource Type" select "Qualification Report", all related qualification report will be displayed.


1. Go to,

2. Select "Design Support",

3. Select "Quality & Reliability"

4. Now in the "Qualification Report" Tab, there are two option.

a) Drop down menu to select the product family eg: Memory (All QTP related to Memory will be shown)

b) Search the QTP with a part number (eg: CY7B923) . All the related QTP will be shown.


1. Go to

2. Select "Part Number" search.

3. Search for the part whose qualification report is required.

4. Click on the Base/Root Part.

5. Now the Qual Report download will be shown, sometimes it may require to login.

If none of the above procedure works, then create a support case to get the Qualification Report.

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