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Programming the Programmable Clock devices using CyClocks

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Programming the Programmable Clock devices using CyClocks

Question: How to use CyClocks to program my Programmable Clock devices?



CyClocks is a supporting software for Cypress programmable clock synthesizers. The tool supports CY2071A, CY2081, CY2291, CY2292, and CY2907. It allows the users to enter desired clock output frequencies and computes the actual frequencies available. Three frequencies are calculated for each output: a) 0 PPM (Parts Per Million) error (if found), b) best positive PPM error, and c) best negative PPM error. These three options are given so that the user can pick an optimal configuration. Users can select the frequency with their desired PPM error for each output and save the configuration to an output (.ENT) file. The final output can be printed, and then saved for future modification if desired.

The following are the basic steps for creating a new configuration request:

1. Open a new file and selected the desired device (i.e., CY2071A).

2. Enter all requested information.

3. Click on button to display the actual output frequencies.

4. Select desired output PPMs.

5. Save the file.

6. Make a hard copy .

This is located in the help menu bar located on top left of the screen in the program, this menu will walk you through programming.

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