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Programming CY7C630xx or CY7C631xx?

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Programming CY7C630xx or CY7C631xx?

Question: How do I program a CY7C630xx or CY7C631xx?


For programming the 630xx/631xx, there are many programming vendors that support this chip. The Hi-Lo programmer (Cypress ID: CY3649) is what we use in house. The CY3649 is the Hi-Lo programmer. These chips are One Time Programmable (OTP) chips. The programmer does not have the capabilities of the development kit. You do need to have the development kit to develop your firmware. We offer programming support with the easy-to-use Hi-Lo Programming System. Please review the attached Hi-Lo programmers application note.

Note1: The CY7C630xx/CY7C631xx are not recommended for new designs. Instead we recommend using the enCoRe. It has advanced features such as the internal oscillator (no external 6MHz clock), internal 3.3V regulator (for pulling up D- as required by the USB spec), Combi USB/PS/2 interface supported, wake-up circuit (no external RC wake up circuit needed), SPI compatible, Low voltage reset, each GPIO is independently configurable in different modes.

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