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Preventing the “This Device Can Perform Faster” Pop Up – KBA94209

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Preventing the “This Device Can Perform Faster” Pop Up – KBA94209

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Question: How do you prevent the “This device can perform faster” pop up from appearing when operating a high-speed capable device at full speed?



When a high-speed capable device is made to work only at full speed (12 Mbps), the "This device can perform faster" pop up will appear when you connect the device to the host. This pop up appears when the ports to which the device is connected are capable of operating at high speed (480 Mbps), but the device connected is operating at full speed. You can prevent the pop up from appearing by switching the revision back to USB Specification 1.1. To do this, make the value of the bcdUSB = 0x0110 in the Device Descriptor. This change will not affect your application in any way if you intend to run the device only at full speed. By reverting back to USB Specification 1.1 in the Device Descriptor you can operate only at full speed (no high speed).

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