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Package selection of Synch SRAMs

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Package selection of Synch SRAMs

Question: What are the selection criteria in selecting a package for Synchronous SRAMs?



The TQFP and BGA offered on the Synchronous SRAMs almost have the same body dimensions. The routing with the TQFP is easier than with the BGA, since the traces have to be brought from underneath the package. With respect to electrical dimensions, BGA has far more superior parasitic values compared to TQFP. BGA has a shorter distance between the chip and solder balls internally resulting in reduced bond wire lengths which in turn results in better electrical performance. BGA's have a higher pin count in less area. It occupies less package area per I/O. The solder balls self align leading to higher manufacturing yields also. For new designs, BGA is recommended because of its superior electrical performance. FBGA is smaller compared to BGA or its TQFP counterpart because of the minimal distance between two adjacent balls (< 1mm) and also provides superior electrical performance over the BGA.

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