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PSoC Designer Error Message "Could not connect to ICE"

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PSoC Designer Error Message "Could not connect to ICE"

Question: How do I correct the error message "Could not connect to ICE," in PSoC Designer?


The ICE-Cube is compatible with Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Following are steps that can be taken to troubleshoot ICE connection issues:
  1.    Refresh the ICE by removing power and then re-applying power, and ensure that all connections are secure.
  3.    Ensure that the driver is installed correctly:   
    •      Connect the power supply to the ICE
    •      Connect the USB 2.0 cable from the PC to the ICE
    •      Check for PSoC USB Cube in device manager under Universal Serial Bus Controllers to see if the device is recognized.     
      •        If the device is not recognized install the driver located under:
               C:\Program Files\Cypress\Programmer\3.10\drivers\psoccube
      •        If the device is recognized check for the proper PID/VID numbers by double clicking on the device and clicking the details tab.       
        •          PID: F107
        •          VID: 04B4
              If the devices PID/VID numbers are incorrect update the driver.     
  5.    Ensure that the proper settings are used in PSoC Designer. There are two places in PSoC designer where ICE-Cube settings can be adjusted:   
    •      Start PSoC Designer
    •      Under the Tools>Options>Debugger menu, check that the correct "ICE connected to" port is set. The box "Use default ICE connections for all projects" may be unchecked, but it is always good to check this menu for the correct settings.
    •      Under the Project>Settings>Debugger menu, check that the correct "ICE connected to" port is set.
  7.    Close out any additional instances of PSoC Designer, and check the Task Manager ensure that only the current instance of PSoC Designer is running only.
  9.    Ensure that the port used to connect to the PC is not damaged: Try to connect directly to the motherboard or another USB port, and update or re-install the driver for that port.
  11.    As a last resort, re-install PSoC Designer in case the port driver wasn't registered properly.

  Related Documentation: ICE User Guide located in PSoC Designer under Help>Documentation

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