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Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) of Cypress Parts


Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) of Cypress Parts


How do I find Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) of Cypress parts?



If you know the Cypress part number: 

1. Go to  On the top right, you will see a “Keyword / Part Number” search box (adjacent to “Contact Us.”) 

2. Select the “Part Number” tab above this text box.

3. Type the exact part number, for example CY8C29466-12PVXE.

4. The part number will be listed in the search results page.

5. Click on the part number link (1st column starting from the left). This will open a new web page.

Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) can be found by clicking the “Quality & Pb-free Data” link on the top, or by just scrolling down to the Quality & Pb-free Data” section about half way down the page.

All other Quality information for this part number (e.g., RoHS compliance, Lead/Ball Finish, Qualification Reports, IPC reports) can also be found on this web page. 

In case of any questions, or if the information is not available for a particular part number, please create a support case at

If you do not know the Cypress part number: 

1. Go to  Browse the different products (“Products” tab on the top navigation menu) by family.

2. Once you choose the relevant product family (e.g., “Clocks and Buffers->Clock Distribution,” “Memory->FIFOs”), scroll down the particular page to get to the “Parametric Product Selector.”

3. Use this tool to find the part number by function/feature, and click on the part number you are interested in. This will lead you directly to step # 5 above.

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