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Maximum Current in HX2VL Bus-Powered Configuration – KBA228350


Maximum Current in HX2VL Bus-Powered Configuration – KBA228350

Author: SananyaM_56           Version: **

Translation - Japanese: HX2VLバスパワー構成の最大電流 – KBA228350 - Community Translated (JA)

Question: Can the current limit in the device configuration be greater than 100 mA when connected to a bus-powered HX2VL?

Answer: No, the current limit for devices connected to a bus-powered 2.0 hub cannot exceed 100 mA. This means that when bus-powered, the HX2VL device cannot be used to power high-power devices.

The host allocates 500 mA for a bus-powered upstream port. If a 4-port HX2VL hub is connected, the hub draws around 100 mA for internal use, which leaves a maximum of 100 mA for each port.

However, even if there are two devices connected to two downstream ports and the other two are disabled ports, the devices cannot draw, for example, 200 mA each.

See the Guidelines on System Design Using Cypress’ USB 2.0 Hub (HX2VL) for more details.

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