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Low power consumption - Recommendations

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Low power consumption - Recommendations

Question: What are the recommendations for Low Power Consumption operation with PSoC?



Following are a few recommendations for low power operations:

  1.   Switch off all unused blocks.
  2.   Run the analog resources at low power.
  3.   Run the analog blocks at lower column clock.  Lower the column clock, lower is the power consumption
  4.   Make sure that analog output buffers are not enabled if they are not required.
  5.   Lower CPU speed reduces power consumption.  Set the CPU speed according to the processing power required for the project.
  6.   Put PSoC to sleep if no operation is performed.
  7.   Set the VC clock dividers to highest possible value, because lower the frequency lower will be the power consumption.
  8.   Disable SysClk*2 if the project does not use the 48MHz clock
  9.   If using a Delta Sigma ADC in a 29x66 device, use the Delsig user module instead of DELSIG8 or DELSIG11 user modules.  These user modules consume 6mA more current than the Delsig version.
  10.   If no analog block is being used, set the Analog Power in Global Resources to "All Off".

Please refer to the application note AN47310:PSoC® 1 Power Savings Using Sleep Mode for further detail.

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