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Limitations of CY8CMBR3xxx Configuration Registers– KBA228078


Limitations of CY8CMBR3xxx Configuration Registers– KBA228078

Author: RyanZ_36           Version: **

Translation - Japanese: Y8CMBR3xxのコンフィグレーションレジスタの制限– KBA228078 - Community Translated (JA)


After updating CY8CMBR3xxx configuration registers, why doesn’t the new configuration become effective?


This is mostly because different CY8CMBR3xxx MPN support different feature settings. A feature setting will not become effective if it is configured to a specific CY8CMBR3xxx MPN device that doesn't support by the feature setting, though no error message appear when doing so in PSoC Express.

The CY8CMBR3xxx family features an I2C configurable register map. CY8CMBR3xxx registers are divided into three categories, as the following table shows.

Register Category

Register Map Address range


Configuration Registers


These registers contain the configuration data for CY8CMBR3xxx controllers. A host can write into these registers and save the data to non-volatile memory by writing to the CTRL_CMD command register. Note that the new configuration takes effect only after the configuration is saved to non-volatile memory and the device is reset.

Command Registers


These registers accept commands from host. Any command written to these registers is executed within TI2C_LATENCY_ MAX from the I2C acknowledgement of the command. Refer to CY8CMBR3xxx datasheet for value of TI2C_LATENCY_ MAX.

Status Registers


These are read-only registers and indicate the status of command execution, system diagnostics, and sensor data.

The CY8CMBR3xxx family consists of six MPNs, each MPN supporting a different feature set. The “MPN versus Features Summary” section in the MBR3xxx datasheet lists all MPNs and a summary of the features supported by each.

For example, the ‘Threshold Override’ feature can be configured on CY8CMBR3106S, CY8CMBR3108, and CY8CMBR3102, but it cannot be configured on CY8CMBR3116, CY8CMBR3110, and CY8CMBR3002. Note that changing threshold registers on CY8CMBR3116, CY8CMBR3110, and CY8CMBR3002 will not become effective even though no error messages may appear.

Reference Document:

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