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Installing Eclipse Plugins in ModusToolbox - KBA227614


Installing Eclipse Plugins in ModusToolbox - KBA227614

Author: DheerajK_81           Version: **

Translation - Japanese: ModusToolbox に Eclipse プラグインをインストールする - KBA227614- Community Translated (JA)


I want to install Eclipse plugins in ModusToolbox. How do I proceed?


ModusToolbox™ 1.1 is based on Eclipse Oxygen Platform. Every Eclipse release provides a repository site URL which contains the software repository. The URL,, provides access to the software repositories for the Eclipse Oxygen version. 

Follow these steps to install Eclipse plugins:

1. Launch ModusToolbox by specifying a workspace. An empty project explorer opens. Go to Help > Install New Software.


2. In the Work with textbox, add the software repository URL and press Enter.


3. To download any plugin, add the name of the plugin in the filter section. For example, to download the TM Terminal plugin, add TM Terminal in the filter. TM terminal plugins will be listed.


4. Select the required plugins and click Next.

5. Click Next again, accept the license agreement, and click Finish.

6. You will be prompted to restart ModusToolbox. Click Restart Now.


The plugins will now be visible in ModusToolbox. In this example, TM Terminal will be available under Window > Preferences > Terminal where the settings can be configured.


If the plugins have support for a view (see plugin documentation), go to Window > Show View > Other. Since TM Terminal is a serial terminal application, it has a terminal view to display the serial information. Choose Terminal and click Open.


In the Terminal window, click the terminal icon to launch the terminal.


Choose the type of terminal, configure it according to your application and click OK. You just created your first in-house Serial Terminal for ModusToolbox.

ModusToolbox is very flexible and the plugins can be easily integrated.

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