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Industrial Temperature Version of CY7C68034

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Industrial Temperature Version of CY7C68034

Question: Does Cypress offer an industrial temperature version of CY7C68034?



Currently, CY7C68034 is offered only in the commercial grade , with Ta(Ambient Temperature Under Bias) in the range of 0 to 70 degree C . As can be seen in the 'Ordering Information ' section of the attached datasheet, we have only two parts CY7C68034-56LFXC and CY7C68034-56LTXC offered in this family .

However, we do offer a more generic USB controller FX2LP CY7C68013 which is offered in industrial grade. FX2LP can be used to implement a NAND Flash Controller. We can also provide you with the firmware for the same. The firmware will have to be stored in an eeprom interfaced with FX2LP. You can use the firmware that is provided along with CY3686 for this purpose. The target to be used is fw_2k. You will also need to write the configuration data for NAND Flash inside the NAND Flash itself to support this code.

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