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I2C Read/Write in FX2LP - KBA224159


I2C Read/Write in FX2LP - KBA224159

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Translation - Japanese: FX2LPでのI2C読み取り/書き込み - KBA224159 - Community Translated (JA)


How can I perform an I2C read followed by an I2C write in FX2LP?


The EZUSB.LIB library can be used for performing I2C read/write in FX2LP. To perform an I2C write and read back the data from an I2C slave device, use the following sequence of commands:

BYTE xdata BUFFER[2];

DATA01[2] = { 0x00, 0xAA }      // First byte indicates the internal address of EEPROM

                              // Second byte indicates the data to be written                     

//I2C Write

EZUSB_WriteI2C(0x50, 0x02, DATA01);     // Write the data to the slave device with address 0x50

EZUSB_WaitForEEPROMWrite(0x50);         // Wait until the I2C write is completed

//I2C Read

EZUSB_WriteI2C(0x50, 0x01, DATA01);   // Write the internal slave address from which the data is  to be read

EZUSB_ReadI2C(0x50, 0x01, BUFFER[0]); // Read the data from the slave device and store it in BUFFER

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