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How do I program the CY7C53120E2/E4 parts?

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How do I program the CY7C53120E2/E4 parts?

Question: How do I program the CY7C53120E2/E4 parts?



The CY7C53120E2/E4 can be programmed in one of two ways.  First it can be programmed using an Echelon programmer, or any other network interface programmer designed especially for Neuron Chips.  Secondly Universal Device Programmers like the one produced by BP Microsystems can be used to program the Neuron Chips.  These programmers are faster and more widely available than the network based Neuron programmers, and they eliminate the problem of reprogrammability posed by the other programmers.  Check Cypress' Controls Communications page for an updated list of Universal Device Programmers currently supporting Cypress Neuron Chips.

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