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Firmware Update and Configuration of HX3PD Type-C Hub - KBA225228


Firmware Update and Configuration of HX3PD Type-C Hub - KBA225228

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Translation - Japanese: HX3PD Type-Cハブのファームウェアの更新と設定 - KBA225228 - Community Translated (JA)


How do I update the firmware and configuration of the HX3PD Type-C Hub?


HX3PD firmware update can be done over the US port using the HX3PD Configuration Utility. Configuring HX3PD on the run is not open for customers in the current release. Follow these steps to update the firmware.

1.    Firmware update using HX3PD Configuration Utility:

Download the HX3PD Eval Board file from and find ‘HX3PD Configuration Utility’ under ‘Software Tools’.

Figure 1. HX3PD Configuration Utility Application


The firmware binary CYUSB4347-BZXC_FW.bin is placed in the ‘Firmware’ folder. Choose the ‘Update firmware’ tab in the utility and provide the firmware binary path in the ‘Composite Image’ field.

Connect the PC on which the utility is running to the HX3PD board US port. If the PC does not have a Type-C port, adapter cables can be used to connect to the US port on HX3PD from a Type-A port on the PC. You can change the VID, PID, and Re-enumeration timeout specifications in their respective fields in the utility.

Figure 2. Firmware Update using the Utility


Make sure the external power supply is connected to the board and click on the Update button in the utility. Wait till the utility reports the following message on the log pane: “HX3PD firmware update completed successfully.


    • Do not power cycle the board or detach and attach the US port of the board while doing FW update. This will cause FW update failure and/or enumeration issues.
    • Firmware update logs can be found in the path: Run > appdata > Roaming > HX3PDConfigUtility > Logs
    • Flashing any firmware image over DMC_SWD or PD_SWD is not recommended.

2.    Configuring the controllers:

The current version of the firmware release does not support configuration on the run for the DMC/PD controllers. If you need to customize the configuration, contact Cypress Technical Support and obtain the binary firmware image with the required configuration.

In the later releases, it is possible for customers to configure the board. However, note that it will not be possible to change the power roles of the two Type-C ports with PD (US and DS1). Figure 3 shows the PDOs in the default firmware.

Figure 3. Default PDO’s in the FW release v1.1.0



    • Note that even though the EZ-PD Configuration Utility can generate the *.XML / *.CYACD / *.C configuration files for the HX3PD device, this cannot be currently integrated into the firmware. Customers are requested to put an explicit requirement of the PD configuration to obtain the customized firmware binary image.
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