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Driver for the CY3650 DVK

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Driver for the CY3650 DVK

Question: When USB cable is plugged into the CY3650 board, the host sees it as an "Unknown Device". USB "selftest" is not seen. What is the driver for the CY3650? How to know if the development board is functioning correctly?



The CY3650 (same for the CY3651 and CY3652) requires no driver. The 3650 emulates the real CY630/1xx silicon. When in Program RAM mode, developers have to provide the driver for the device under development as they do with real silicon. The user should ensure that the board is working correctly. The following approach could be used to test the board.

1. Run the "Self Test":

The self-test program runs the code from the on board ROM. In the program ROM mode, the mouse cursor spells "USB" on the screen. The code for this application (spelling out USB with the mouse cursor) uses the HID driver that is built-in Windows. To run the self-test, follow the below steps:

  •   Set S3, position1 to Close/ON (Enable Program ROM)
  •   Set S3, position2 to Open/OFF (Enable Run on Reset)
  •   Set the rest of S3 to default
  •   Set S1, position1 to Open/OFF (Enable USB Bus Reset)
  •   Set the rest of S1 to default.
  •   Power the board
  •   Hit the red Reset button.
  •   Connect a USB cable from the host (PC) to the board.

You should see the mouse spells out "USB" on the screen now. To stop the mouse, press the red Reset button on the board or disconnect the USB cable.

2. Run a known working firmware such as the mouse reference firmware. You should see the mouse enumerated in the Device Manager.

If the above steps fail, either the board is broken or not set up correctly.

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