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Debugging CCG3PA with a MiniProg3/Miniprog4 - KBA227291


Debugging CCG3PA with a MiniProg3/Miniprog4 - KBA227291

Author: YiZ_31           Version: **

Translation - Japanese: MiniProg3 / Miniprog4を使用したCCG3PAのデバッグ - KBA227291 - Community Translated (JA)


How can I debug CCG3PA using SWD interface?


Follow these steps to debug CCG3PA using SWD interface:

  1. Open PSoC® Creator™. Open the noboot.cyprj project from  the noboot.cydsn folder.
  2. Connect your MiniProg to the SWD interface of CCG3PA. From the Debug tab, click Select Debug Target to open the dialog.
  3. Click Port Setting and configure the setting shown in Figure 1. When using MiniProg3, there is a lag in step 3 and step 4. 

    Figure 1. Port Settings

  4. Wait until CCG3PA shows up below MiniProg3 in the Select Debug Target dialog. Select CCG3PA and click OK / Connect. xs

    Figure 2. Selecting Debug Target

  5. Click System in the Workspace Explorer and select SWD (serial wire debug) for Debug Select as is shown in Figure 3. This means Pin 7 and Pin 8 cannot be configured as GPIO in your project. If GPIO is selected, the device can still be acquired with SWD and reprogrammed, but not used for debugging.

    Figure 2. Debug Target

  6. Press F5 to debug the project
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