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Cannot Build a ModusToolbox Project Imported into µVision v5.32 – KBA231715


Cannot Build a ModusToolbox Project Imported into µVision v5.32 – KBA231715

English: タイトル:インポートされたMODUSTOOLBOXプロジェクトを構築できません; VISION V5... - Cypress Developer Community

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In the ModusToolbox® build system, export to µVision is performed by executing the following command:


    make uvision5 TOOLCHAIN=ARM


The build system generates two files:


  • The .cprj  file: Double-click this file to launch the µVision  IDE and create a µVision project file (uvprojx).
  • The .gpdsc file: This file defines CMSIS components corresponding to the libraries referenced by the ModusToolbox project. It is automatically discovered; the components it defines are loaded into the µVision project.


Known issue in µVision v5.32:


In µVision v5.32, automatic discovery of the .gpdsc file does not work. When you load a project in the µVision IDE, the project appears, but not the referenced components such as HAL and PDL. This causes the project build to fail because the dependent files located in those components cannot be located.


Infineon is working with Arm to resolve this issue.



Option 1: Use µVision v5.31 or earlier version. The file import process works as expected.


Option 2: Use µVision v5.31 to create the project, and then open it with µVision v5.32. You must have both µVision v5.32 and µVision v5.31 installed.


  1. Launch µVision v5.31.
  2. Select File > Open to navigate to and open the .cprj file created by ModusToolbox software when the project was exported to µVision IDE. This creates the project. When done, there will be a <project-name>.uvprojx file in the ModusToolbox project folder.
  3. Close µVision v5.31.
  4. Launch µVision v5.32.
  5. Use Project > Open Project and open the .uvprojx file.
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