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CCG2 Firmware Configurations Not Updated in HEX/CYACD File – KBA221339


CCG2 Firmware Configurations Not Updated in HEX/CYACD File – KBA221339

Author: ShifangZ_26           Version: **

Translation - Japanese: CG2ファームウェア構成がHEX / CYACDファイルで更新されない - KBA221339 - Community Translated (JA)


Why are the CCG2 firmware configurations not updated in the HEX/CYACD file after rebuild firmware project based on CCGx SDK with PSoC® Creator™?


Before doing a clean and build on the firmware project to generate HEX and CYACD files, ensure the following. Also, ensure that the bootloader project is built before the application project.

1. Make sure that the CCG2 configuration table file in i2c_boot-nb or cc_boot_pa has been updated and rebuilt to generate new HEX and ELF files.


2. Make sure that the new generated HEX and ELF files have bonded into the bootloader dependency in CYPD2122-24LQXI_notebook or CYPD3124-24LQXI_poweradapter project. Make sure that the HEX and ELF files are the latest and have been generated with the new configuration table. Note that the example project loads dummy boot files for the project; the files will not be changed.


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