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C compiler license key with CY3215-DK kit

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C compiler license key with CY3215-DK kit

Question: How do I get the C compiler license key that I bought with CY3215-DK kit.



From PSoC Designer 5.0 SP5 and later, the Imagecraft compiler comes free with the PSoC Designer IDE.  Please download the latest PSoC Designer version (available at to install the free compiler.  This compiler is more efficient and has many bug fixes compared to the compiler versions that were available for PSD4.x versions of the PSoC Designer IDE.

If Imagecraft compiler license number is required for older version of PSoC Designer, then please contact the technical support team. They shall be able to provide you the key. But please note that it is strongly recommended from Cypress to upgrade to the latest version of PSoC Designer.

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