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Bringing out Shield Electrode in System Level Design for Capsense CSD

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Bringing out Shield Electrode in System Level Design for Capsense CSD

Question: Is it possible to set the Shield Electrode option for CSD user module in System level design?



Shield electrode option is not available in System level Design of PSoC Designer. The shield electrode option can be set in the System level design, by switching to chip view from the system level view. Please follow the below steps to enable shied electrode option in system level design.

1. Build the project in system level design.
2. In the Workspace Explorer window, double click on Projectname[Chip]. This will change the view from system level to chip level.
3. In Project->Settings->Chip Editor tab, uncheck the "Lock automatically generated system resources"  box.
4. In Project explorer, expand Projectname[Chip].
5. Expand Projectname - x User Modules [System Editor Generated]
6. Click on CSD. You can view the CSD properties on the Properties - CSD windows on the left side.
7. Select the required Row Output in the "ShiedElectrodeOut" option in the CSD properties window.
8. Click on the blue square box on the end of the Row Output bus and connect the Row Output bus to a Global Output bus.
9. Click on the Global Output bus and select a pin.
10. Now the shield electrode is connected to an external pin.
11. Build the project by clicking on the "Build" button or by pressing F7 or by selecting the Build Project option from the Build menu. Do not use Generate Project menu as this will regenerate the device editor configuration and will overwrite the modifications done to bring out the shield electrode.  So, enable the shield electrode as the last step in the development process after finalizing everything else in the design.

Note: PSoC Designer 5.0 Service Pack 6 is the last release of PSoC Designer that supports System-Level Design (PSoC Express). PSoC Designer 5.1 and beyond will not support System Level Design. PSoC Designer 5.0 SP6 will continue to be available for System Level Design users, and it will co-exist with future PSoC Designer releases. However, we are not recommending System Level Design for production designs.

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