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Adding EEPROM to CY4672 bridge project

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Adding EEPROM to CY4672 bridge project

Question: Adding EEPROM to CY4672 bridge project produces compilation errors. Why?



CY4672 bridge firmware is for CYRF69213 which has only 8KB of internal Flash for code storage. The bridge firmware occupies about 97% of the total code area. If any other modules, say EEPROM, is added to this project, it will throw a compilation error as not enough code area is left for storing the EEPROM code. 

The work around for this issue is to use the 'flash_write_lite' and 'flash_read_lite' functions defined in the 'flash.asm' file. These APIs enables writing to and reading from the flash. To understand the usage of these APIs in the CY4672 bridge firmware, please find the attached project. In the project, flash read and write is done based on the class specific control requests over the USB endpoint 

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