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About CY7C65100, CY7C65103 and CY7C66113 USB hub solutions

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About CY7C65100, CY7C65103 and CY7C66113 USB hub solutions

Question: Will any sample code be offered for CY7C65100, CY7C65103 and CY7C66113 hub solutions?



We currently have 3 hub designs:

1-  Fixed function USB 1.1 Compliant 4-port hub (using CY7C65100)

2-  7 ports-hub, compliant to USB 1.1 Spec (using CY7C65103)

3-  Combi Keyboard Hub  (USB 1.1 hub, using CY7C66113)

The CY7C65100 is preprogrammed with a fixed function 4-port hub. The CY7C65100 is intended to be used in the 4-port hub reference design. Developers cannot modify this design. To customize the CY7C65100, developer should obtain the CY7C65100's firmware, customize it and program it on the CY7C65113. The CY7C65113 is a blank part that allows customization.

The firmware preprogrammed in the CY7C65100 is originated from the Keyboard + Hub firmware (CKHub - Composite USB/PS/2 Keyboard + Hub reference design) with the keyboard portion being disabled in the firmware. There's no app note for the CY7C65100 design, just the schematic.

We do not have any reference design for the CY7C65113 because this family is the re-configurable version of the CY7C65100.

We have another hub design, the 7-ports hub, which uses the CY7C65013 part. This design has an app note that discusses the hub firmware architecture. This firmware is the origin of our hub designs (CKHub and then CY7C65100). 

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