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AT2LP Driver installation error

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AT2LP Driver installation error

Question: AT2LP Manufacturing Driver Cannot Install (Error: Name Already In Use). What is the reason?



If more than one copy of Cypress' manufacturing drivers are installed on a system, a conflict in the registry may prevent the drivers from properly installing. This is due to having the same SvcDesc values in the INF files. The following steps can be taken to work around this issue:

1 --> Uninstall any devices (using Device Manager) that are associated with a Cypress manufacturing driver.

2 --> Delete registry entires for the previously uninstalled devices.

3 --> Locate and open the INF files associated with the manufacturing drivers that will be used on the system.

4 --> Locate the "xxx.SvcDesc" value within the INF file (see example below).

5 --> Change the SvcDesc value from "Cypress Manufacturing Driver" to a unique value (e.g. "Cypress AT2LP Manufacturing Driver").

6 --> Save and close the INF files.

7 --> Re-plug Cypress devices and match them to the appropriate driver.

These steps should allow more than one version or copy of the Cypress manufacturing driver to be used on a single system. Cypress is moving to a unified driver scheme to avoid this type of issue. Future versions of the Cypress manufacturing tools may reflect this change. 

 Example section from AT2LP manufacturing driver's INF file:

... [Strings]

CYPRESS="Cypress" MfgName="Cypress"

CYUSB_INSTALL="Cypress Generic USB Driver Installation Disk"

VID_XXXX&PID_XXXX.DeviceDesc="Cypress Manufacturing Driver"

CyUsb.SvcDesc="Cypress Manufacturing Driver"

 ;------------Replace GUID below with custom GUID-------------;

CyUsb.GUID="{AE18AA60-7F6A-11d4-97DD-00010229B959}" ...

Note: This knowledge base article is only related to AT2LP part in development phase and not for final product. Cypress does not manufacture any hard drive. If you are using hard drive, contact the respective Hard Disk manufacturer for further asssistance.

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