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The senses of IoT - Giving human senses to “things” to make our lives easier

What does it take for smart things to "see", "hear", "feel", and even "smell" their environment and respond accordingly without us having to actively prompt them?

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"The senses of IoT - Giving human senses to “things” to make our lives easier".

Philipp von Schierstaedt, who is a Senior Vice President & General Manager at Infineon and in this role heading the business line Radio Frequency & Sensors, introduces us into the world of sensors - inspired by human nature. He is presenting intuitive sensing solutions that are designed to take the complexity out of our interaction with devices and to increase their efficiency. With state-of-the-art software to create a comprehensive picture of the world around us – known as “contextual awareness".  

More information about contextual awareness can also be found here.


About the Author
The potential of the Internet of Things is well known. But how do we actually implement it? How can people and companies benefit from it? In my role as Communications Manager for IoT at Infineon, I meet experts, partners and customers to discuss how it can work and what it takes to make IoT work.
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