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Hyper RAM
The demo showcases the HyperRAM in Industrial or consumer HMI application as an expansion Memory in Display Applications. This demo demonstrates the H... Show More
Hyper RAM
How many mixed of HyperRAM / HyperFlash can exist on the same bus? What are the limitations and critical points?e.g.2x HyperRAM  + 1 x HyperFlash 1x H... Show More
Hyper RAM
I working on some hardware that will use the S70K HyperRAM.The hardware guide for HyperRAM, where it talks about layout requirements and such, makes a... Show More
Hyper RAM
Hello,  I am working on iMX8QXP based custom board with Yocto L5.4.24-2.1.0.On our board, we are trying to communicate S27KS0641 HyperRAM using the Fl... Show More
Hyper RAM
My application will use a NXP imxRT1050 FlexSPI summunication with two memory devices:  Cypress S27KS0641DPBHV020  Cypress S26KS256SDPBHV020Cypress Do... Show More
Hyper RAM
HyperRAM has two device technologies.   - 63nm DRAM Process Technology   - 38nm DRAM Process TechnologyAre there any functional differences between th... Show More
Hyper RAM
I was hoping to do some preliminary development with HyperRAM and a Xilinx FPGA, but am having some trouble finding anything pre-built.  I found one o... Show More
Hyper RAM
Hi Is the Verilog model of S70KS1282 same as S27KS0642 ?Thanks.BRGrace Show More
Hyper RAM
Hello,Can you guide me, please? I am going to use these 5 memories (include HyperRAm and HyperFlash) by HyperBus interface:1. 64 Mb HyperRAM Self-Refr... Show More
Hyper RAM
Hi,I'm having trouble to test the Hyperbus Memory Controller IP which downloaded from cypress. I have read the ReadMeFirst pdf file and conducted the ... Show More
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