FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU

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FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU
hi  I need fined example for an204470 bout need contact local sales is possible help in china which sales know information about this document I conta... Show More
FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU
【質問】 Peripheral Manual Analog Macro Part のP123に以下の注意書きがあります。 P1AからP2Aレジスタにデータを書き込む際は、AD変換を停止してくださいとのことです。 例えば、UNIT0のP1AからP2Aレジスタにデータを書き込もうとした場合、 UINT1... Show More
FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU
FM4のペリフェラルであるソフトウェアウォッチドッグタイマは、MCUが暴走した際に活用する(ソフトウェアウォッチドッグタイマが有効であり、それを用いてリセットする)ことは可能でしょうか。 ここで言う「暴走」は、ハードウェア側から見ると、何らかの影響によりMCUがフリーズしたり意図した制御と異なった挙... Show More
FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU
I'm encountering an issue when operating UART 4 at elevated temperatures. The part I am using is S6E2HG6G0AGV20000 which is rated to 125 degrees C. UA... Show More
FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU

Hi all,

Please let us know Fab and Assembly information of S6E2H14F0AGV20000.


FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU


For our company mass product, I need fm3 flash programmer source code .


FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU
Hi, I am looking at an FM3 MCU part number CY9BF518TPMC-GK7E1. I would like to decode this part number. For example, what is the difference between CY... Show More
FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU
I was looking for a report regarding FIT and MTTF data for  the ARM CPU type S6E1C32B0AGU1H000. Is there any chance to get these data? Show More
FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU
I want to use S6E1C32B0AGU1H000 (WLCSP-30 package).Is there information on recommended land patterns for this device? The following Appnote does not m... Show More
FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU
Hi All,    We are planning to buy an FM-216-ethernet board for our new project.  The question we have is, the board spec shows it has USB programming ... Show More
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FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU

FM0+ portfolio Flexible Microcontrollers Forum offers discussion on; energy-efficient 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0+ based MCUs designed for ultra-low-power and cost-sensitive applications.
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