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FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU

New Contributor

HI, we made circuit with MB9BF566R. We are using a lithium battery pack as backup. I found an electrical schema already made by my ex colleague.

He connects the Main supply ( Vcc) with pin Vbat. Please you can see from my schematic attached( i used a green circle in the picture). Now, i removed all the connection with battery  (+vbat net)  but i can read from my battery pin ( CN1 connector) 2.7V when the battery pack is not connectedexample.jpg

. I think it's not correct the connection of VBAT pin with Vcc pin. Vbat have to supply the rtc and micro controller independently from main supply ( Vcc pin). Is it correct? so I have to remove connection of vbat pin with Vcc pin.

I signed with red cross the component not mounted.

I hope my request is clear.

Thank you

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I think the correct connection could be: ( sorry for wiring i used Paint to do that, in red the possible connection)


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