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FM0+, FM3 & FM4 MCU

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I've been writing some demo programs 
for FM0-64L-S6E1C3 with PDL 2.1.0 and PSoC Creator 4.0.


So far, I could manage SPI(CSIO) and I2C to work.
Using utilities/printf_scanf by setting following in pdl_user.h
// Printf/Scanf via UART function


Although printf seems reasonably working,
scanf does not come back.


So I spent a few days and found that 
int _read(int file, char *ptr, int len) in uart_io.c 
does not return until it reads "len" number of letters.
In my debugger, the len was 1024, when I was trying to read a few letters.


So I replaced following lines


    int i;
    file = file;
    for(i = 0; i < len; i++)
        while (TRUE != Mfs_Uart_GetStatus(UartCh, UartRxFull))
            /* Wait until there is a character in the Rx FIFO */
        *ptr++ = (char)Mfs_Uart_ReceiveData(UartCh);
    return len;


with following lines


    int i = 0  ;
    char c ;
    file = file ;


    while(i < len) {
        while (TRUE != Mfs_Uart_GetStatus(UartCh, UartRxFull)) {
            /* Wait until there is a characer in the Rx FIFO */
        c = (char)Mfs_Uart_ReceiveData(UartCh);
        Mfs_Uart_ClrStatus(UartCh, UartRxFull) ;
        ptr[i++] = c ;
        if (!isprint(c)) { 
            break ;


    ptr = 0 ;
    return i ;


now scanf can read "%d", "%x", "%s".
But I wonder if my correction is correct,
or if there is/(will be) a better fix of PDL.



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Yes, this seems to be a problem with scanf implementation. The work-around you added seems to be fine. We will check this with our software team.

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