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Community Translations


Hi, Community contributors

Below is new KBA candidate list uploaded on 2020 Nov.

After checking KBA is already posted or not, would you pick new KBA - and create new Thread to acclaim your work?

Below list provide link / title and # of words.

For KBA222273, 224451, - Please acclaim and wait till I provide the initial version of translation.

Mark color Green - > Means already taken to work


KBALinkword #Note
Differential Clock Requirements for HyperBus™ Products – KBA219878
NOR Flash FAQs - KBA222273 provide initial version, please wait to provide
USB-Serial: Reset Pin Configuration – KBA89375
Sector Address Map of S70FS01GS - KBA219111
Block Protection Configuration on FL-S and FS-S NOR Flash – KBA224451

Will provide initial version,

please wait to provide

Using a single-ended reference input with CY2Dx15xx high performance buffer devices
Input Jitter Requirements for 65 nm QDRII/II+/DDRII/II+ Device Family - KBA84380
Erase, Program, and Verify Time for S25FL128S, S25FL256S and S25FL512S with 3.0V VIO - KBA219576
F2MC-16LX How to use well the sector protecting function
VCCIO/VDDD Power Domain of USB-Serial Controllers – KBA89413
Using USB-Serial Bridge Controllers in Systems Having Multiple Power Supplies – KBA92883
USB-Serial: I2C Lines Pull-Up Resistor – KBA89374
F2MC-16LX Flash serial writing
Writing Flash Memory in FR Family FR81S MCUs - KBA218673
F2MC-16LX Flash security

If you have any question, please let me know b y reply, or email (



Jenna Jo
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