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Community Translations


Hello, Contributors

2020 Autumn translation program is starting from Sep 1th.

For your work for KBA - below 50 candidate list is prepared.

Would you pick one of below KBA - and create new thread to claim your work?

Thank you for your continuous participation to Community.

If you have any question, please response to this Thread.

2020.09.07 Open/Claimed status update

KBA titleKBA addressStatus
FX3/CX3: UVC Extension Unit Application – KBA230466
Relationship Between ICU Pins on Package and Internal ICU Channels in S6J3360 - KBA230042
USB-Serial: UART Flow Control under CDC - KBA230578
Use SFDP Data to Set Timeout Timer Value for SPI NOR Flash Page Program and Erase Operations - KBA230621
Lattice Crosslink FPGA configuration and UVC Color bar video streaming using Cypress FX2LP – KBA30768
USB2.0 Camera Interface Using FX2LP™ and Lattice CrossLink FPGA - KBA222479
USB-to-Parallel Converter Using EZ-USB® FX2LP™ – KBA88219
USB to Parallel Converter Using FX2LP
Choosing between GPIF and Slave FIFO modes
Difference between FX2LP™ Port I/O, GPIF, and Slave FIFO Modes - KBA83522
LRD/SLWR  Pins During GPIF Mode of FX2LP
Debugging when DMA Flags do not Work as Expected while Reading Data from FX3 – KBA230545
Creating Custom BSPs in ModusToolbox - KBA230822
Software Support for PSoC 64 Engineering Samples – KBA230748
Placing the Wi-Fi Firmware Into External Flash in an AnyCloud Application - KBA230802
elationship Between ICU Pins on Package and Internal ICU Channels in S6J3360 - KBA230042
Swapping the Polarity on USB 3.0 Differential Pairs - KBA86900
USB Differential Pair Pin Inversion - KBA218753
MoBL SRAM Definition
S6BP501A/502A PMIC Under Cold-Cranking Conditions – KBA223770
Byte Power Down feature in MoBL SRAMs
Flash Memory Consumption of Various Features Available in CCG3PA Based Power Bank Project of CCGx Power SDK 3.2 - KBA224248
Serial Wire Debug (SWD) Using USBIO Pins in PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5LP – KBA82881
Design and Programming Checklist for for PSoC® 3/ PSoC 5LP – KBA208166
Wrong ADC Macro Names Used in adc.c in PDL 2.1.0 - KBA228999
Wrong Register Access SCIS01 and SCIS23 in adc.c in PDL 2.1.0 - KBA229088
PCM Sound Source Input in Traveo S6J3200 Series MCUs - KBA226513
New code compressor directives in Imagecraft compiler
ImageCraft code size optimization
Linking External C Files to a PSoC Designer Project with Imagecraft Compiler
Getting an Internal Inconsistency Check Error - KBA92909
Build error in PSoC Designer 5.0 on a German or French Operating System
Warning: Machine Instructions Inside .LITERAL/.ENDLITERAL Labels - KBA83511
“Old Style Function Definition" Warning in PSoC® Designer™ - KBA83779
Switching Between ImageCraft™ and Hi-Tech C® Compilers – KBA83349
Building PSoC® Creator™ Projects Using Commands - KBA88205
CyUSB.sys Support For WinServer 2003
Editing Firmware Constants Using Compiler Arguments in PSoC® Creator™ - KBA213561
Display a Long on LCD
Free C Compiler for PSoC Designer
Documentation and Training for PSoC® Creator™ Component Development - KBA80958
Basics of Verilog and datapath configuration tool for component creation
Configuring CapSense Express devices through PSoC Designer 5.1
Unable to see any blocks in chip editor window : Chip editor is blank in PSoC Designer
PSoC® 3, PSoC 4, and PSoC 5LP AN Project File Naming Convention and Use – KBA84803
Building a PSoC® Creator™ Project from the Command Prompt – KBA88169
Creating and Configuring Command Shortcut Keys in PSoC® Creator™ - KBA90934
Displaying a Float Value on LCD Using PSoC® 3 or PSoC 5LP – KBA94460


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