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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Cypress Community Members,

We’re excited about the new year and working with all of you on your questions, projects and ideas.

In an effort to start highlighting some of our member collaboration we will be sharing monthly Top Discussions.

The Cypress Developer Community has some outstanding members who put in a lot of extra effort to help each other.

Here are Decembers Top Discussions:

Name/LinkForum Author


PSoC 4 BLEMiCi_448336112

Common sensor and frame rate for CX3

USB SuperSpeed PeriperalsJaYu_134164113

Controlling power in SoftAP mode

Wiced Studio/Wifi ComboKyUn_460254116

PSoC 5LP custom board

PSoC 5LP MCUMoPr_453765114

bounces happened at comparator output

PSoC 5LP MCUuser_371623123

HCI uart cannot receive any data when receive bad data which format is not same as WICED HCI UART Co...

Wiced Studio Bluetooth ForumsYaTr_351631119

ADC Signal Averaging

PSoC 5LP MCUCaDu_393394123


What were some of your favorite discussions and content last month?

Were there any that you found especially helpful?

Share them with us in the comments below.

Best Regards, Sara

Community Strategist
1 Reply

I personally be also interested in the top viewed discussion by products

Roy Liu