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is it possible to remove a comment as solution on the new community website? I tried posting the same reply 4 times on this thread and it kept disappearing once i refreshed the page, so I decided to try marking it as solution, but it didnt change a thing. So now I am stuck with an invisible solution (that was not intended to be the solution to the post anyway). Can I do something to make the post reappear, and to remove the marking as solution? I have seen bugs on posting images too in posts. they never load!

The new website is very buggy, I wouldn't have minded if it had been released next year but in better shape. Is it people at infineon that put too much pressure on development? Don't let cypress and infineon appear on this list!


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello I'm sorry you are having difficulty. I will help with the thread you have asked about. I will also move this to the community information area where you can always ask for help. 

Best Regards, Sara 

Community Strategist