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Community Manager
Community Manager

As a Cypress Community member you have the opportunity to post content and feedback in a variety of ways.

You can post a discussion thread or question, share a document (TKB) or comment on others content.

Sometimes its necessary to delete your content- examples include if its out of date or there is information you decided you don't want to be public.

Please keep in mind that when you delete content you may be deleting points assigned to members who responded to your content. You also may be removing content that other members have bookmarked.

If you decide that the content still needs to be deleteAd here is what you can do:

  • Log In to the Cypress Community
  • Go to the piece of content you want to delete.
  • On the right hand side of the page you will see the Actions Menu
  • From here you can Edit, Move or Delete the piece of content

Cypress Community Tip How to Delete your Content.png

The system will ask you to confirm if you want to delete your content and remind you that all associated comments will also be deleted.

Select Delete

Delete Discussion confirmation.png

Community Manager
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Honored Contributor II


This only works if there are no replies to the post. As soon there are any, the Delete button is not available.


P.S. Please redact out my name in my original post:

Delete forum post

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, I updated the usage of your name in the previous post. Going forward I will refer to you just as

'Community Member'.

You are correct- the system prohibits you from deleting the comment if there are responses because it would delete points and missions assigned to those who responded.

Best, Sara

Community Manager