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I am submitting a library for working with character & graphic LCDs. Included are:

     Character LCD with more flexible pinning (so I can put one on a Kit-059).

     I2C Char LCD using one of the common I2C backpacks.

     128 x 64 LCD with ST7920 controller.

     132 x 32 LCD with S6B1713 controller (AKA D22-5003 module).

     & possibly a component for the common 84 x 48 modules from the Nokia 5110.

Refer to the included readme.txt for further details.

This is my first post & I hope I'm putting it in the right place...

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In the readme I forgot to mention the FreeRTOS field in the component editor, it doesn't do anything at present, it is a place-holder for possibly playing nice with FreeRTOS in the future. There are some delays in the LCD handlers & when I've got serious with FreeRTOS I'll try Yield()ing at those points & letting the system get on with other stuff. Maybe. In the future.

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This may be well out of date but I have just finished a rough custom component for the ST7920 in serial mode.

The component has an 8 bit parallel load, 24 bit serial shifter and works at up to 200kHz. Any one wanting further info contact me through this site or look at my Blog site

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I would like to use your component in my project.  Can you post the project file bundle?

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Thank you for uploading your LCD component.

This is the best place to put the component for sharing with the forum users.   I do wish they had a separate section for user components under "Member Contributions & Content".

I haven't checked it out yet but it looks extremely complex based on the description.

In your opinion, how easy would it be to modify the component to support a 320x280 display using a ST7789 SPI controller?

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