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    how to post a article

              Hi Moderator Let me know how to post the article that can read fine. I had some posts before, it is compressed and has no new line. Even it was write with RTF format. Also tell me, how to post a image. Thank you.   
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          I am not a (the) moderator, but the best experiences I made were:


          Put together all (!!!) text, pictures into a single document (using open office or microsoft office) and then create a single PDF-file which you can upload here if it is not too big. If it is, you'll have to split it into several documents. PDF-format automatically compresses the contents, so there is no need for an additional compression.




          Happy uploading



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                    Thank you Bob-san, My question is more simple, Look at your answer of Pin fitting, It has fine line changing, But my post is has no "new-line", when write in description-box it's seems good new-line. I want to know how to add new-line correctly. Happy!   
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              What OS and which browser are you using? probably the forum software doesn't like it, we had recently a couple of problems with it. I'm running Win7 and (good old) ms internet explorer, that works for me.





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                For what its worth, more often than not, I find Firefox more consistant with pastes


                when inserting stuff into a post. Not 100%, no rhime or reason, but I seem to have


                more problems with explorer.




                The forum software is in need of new technology.




                Regards, Dana.

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                          I'm using Win Vista32 and some browser, safari chrome and IE9. they are same result. When need to show fine page I should be use pdf and attach. Thanks for your suggestions anyway. Happy PSoC