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    BCM92073x periodic interrupt rate

      I'm new to this product so I apologize in advance if I'm missing something obvious.


      I have an application where I need a period interrupt at around 1 KHz, (1 ms or so).  I don't see an obvious way to generate this.  The fine-time timer provided by the ble_ interface seems to have 12.5 ms resolution.


      To take a step back, as there may be another approach: I'm trying to generate a couple PWM waveforms with a period of 25 Hz, (40 ms).  The slowest clock to the PWM hardware seems to be 128 KHz, and the PWM hardware has only a 10 bit counter...which gets me a 5 ms period.  Not quite slow enough!


      Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

      Or a dope slap, that's even better, actually.