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    what library use?

      hello, I want write a simple analogue Sence and Controll Dashbord , tell me what library a can use, programing language is C#, thank`s for help.

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          No C#, only pure  C for PSoC1


          There is no need for a special library. For PSoC1 download PSoC Designer 5.3 and for PSoC3, 4 and 5 download PSoC Creator 2.2. There are a handful of very instructive videos (click item at top of this page) to give you a start-off.





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            The problem you have is two fold -




            1) The signal conditioning and measurement side, PSOC excellent for this.




            2) PC GUI dashboard side, Visual Basic or C# can solve this. Note PSOC 3/5


            can support graphic TFT displays, in case you do not want burden of PC to imp-


            lement dashboard or the attendant communication interface requirement needed


            between PC and PSOC. In this case you would write dashboard in C.




            PSOC has UART as well as USB capability in all families.




            Regards, Dana.