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      Dear all,


      I'm very sad to say that I feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away trying to make the usb component work. I have been trying for days and the only results that are comming out are red circles with white X inside them, errors.


      The one I'm stuck with is " L127: UNRESOLVED EXTERNAL SYMBOL SYMBOL: USB_MIDI1_InqFlags " main.obj (MAIN) line 0, after building the project and this is what show in the .map file  " USB_MIDI1_InqFlags . . . . . . . . . . . . ---      ** UNRESOLVED **  MAIN "  .


      I don't have a clue from where this error is originating. I tried to follow / understand the USB-MIDI example project but most of the code is new to me and I couldn't find any info, unforutnaly. Not even Google couldn't explain it. All I'm trying to do is interface the 001 kit to a music program via midi. So its only the USB component with midi settings and a couple of switches. I can't understand why it's this complicated. Please I'm really in need of some help and experience from you guys. PLEASE HELP.


      Thanks a lot.