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      i purchased 2 new cy8c001b kits. unlike older one, it does not support 30 initial days of trial license of keil within which license can be obtained fron internet.As well as when license is obtained from internet, it shows error in adding(invalid license).my colleague also facing this problem ...what to do??

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           Hi neha,




          The 30 day evaluation license is still provided with PSoC Creator Software.  If you are having trouble registering the license, please file a case.







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            File a case here (in CASE you have never filed before, no pun ......)








            Regards, Dana.

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              Hi Srim, Dana!


              the last cy8c001 i had purchased last yr may had 30 days license, this new one not having from very first day.In case i am using downloaded PSoC Creator 2.0 component pack from internet it shows that the device is not supported( even auto select device not working). So i unstalled it and installed the CD given with the kit.


              The version of Keil installed is Microvision 3 or 4?

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                  Hi Neha,


                You can register your Keil licence using following 2 methods:


                From Keil MicroVision IDE:


                1. Go to Uv4.exe (that gets installer along with PSoC Creator) in C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\2.0\PSoC Creator\import\keil\pk51\9.03\UV4\Uv4.exe.


                2. Click on File->Licence Management. Add your LIC code here and Click on "Add LIC". The licence gets added.


                By renaming "_TOOLS.INI"


                1. Rename "_Tools.ini" to "Tools.ini" in the path "C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\2.0\PSoC Creator\import\keil\pk51\9.03"


                2. Now add your LIC code in PSoC Creator, Help->Register->Keil and click on "Add LIC". The licence gets added.



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                  Hi Neha,


                  Try the above steps suggested by Sashi and I'm sure that will work. As an add-on, you can add edit the _TOOLS.INI file and add the following line with your license code.




                  LIC0=<Paste your License code here>

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                     The reason for getting the "device not supported" pop-up is that  several PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 part numbers  are now obsolete and have been removed from the device catalog.  If you are using one of them, I would recommend you to upgrade to the latest with no cost.







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                      hi saashi, srim!


                      Dont kno why UV4 was not installed with CD.However i downloaded and installed it.it shows successfully added. But stil programs in creator are not compiled. Renamed _TOOLS to TOOLS.INI as well and added line for LIC0. problem persist.Adding a snapshot

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                        Hi Neha,


                        I hope you want to use the free version of Keil. It is installed in "C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\2.0\PSoC Creator\import\keil\pk51" folder. Use the following procedure if you get issue while registering through Creator i.e. Help -> Register -> Keil.


                        1. Edit "C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\2.0\PSoC Creator\import\keil\pk51\9.03\TOOLS.INI"


                        2. Add the LIC obtained through mail after registering on Keil website to this file on the last line. 


                        "LIC0=<License ID Code>"


                        3. Edit "C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\2.0\PSoC Creator\import\keil\pk51\9.03\_TOOLS.INI" and follow the step 2.




                        If above procedure does not work, then please re-install the Creator and try it. Even after reinstallation, the above procedure does not work then file a case.




                        ~ Aniruddha

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                          Hi Aniruddha!


                          I already did what has been suggested. I filed a case regarding this. The only way to make it work out was to download PSoC creator 2.0  component pack from cypress and uv4 from keil.I registered the license i obtained on e-mail and it was installed on that IDE .now things are fine...but stipulated CD with the kit is still not working! 

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                            anyone please suggest me which is the best kit to work on with maximum functionalities and compatibilities among listed below:










                            please suggest

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                               I would suggest you to go with CY8CKit 001B dev kit as it comes with detachable PSoC3(CY8C3866AXI-040) and PSoC5 (CY8C5688AXI-060processor modules.

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                                @sachinbvp: if you have a new question, please start a new topic, and don't reply to an exisitng one, which is totally unrelated. That way, you ensure that your question gets answered the best way. (Otherwiese, it might just get lost)

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                                  @hli i totally agree with you but especially i m asking my questions from @neha because she buyed CY8CKIT-001B i want to know the experience of her about the PSoC 001B kit

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                                    I completely agree with Srim...CY8C001B is best among all of them.


                                    It has modularity in selecting processor module, moreover everything required for fundamental designing of embedded projects


                                    is given. Add-ons like cap-sense or wireless Cy-fi can be used once u r familiar with basic working. If u wish to design more ambitiously , there is provision for expansion boards. There is a video 'Introduction to CY8C001 kit' on cypress website


                                    kindly follow:http://www.cypress.com/?rID=40547





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